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History of Conewago EnterprisesConewago Enterprises, Inc. is a multi-faceted organization that serves the needs of a variety of clients primarily in the Mid-Atlantic region but throughout the nation as well.

Founded in 1956 by Donald B. Smith, Sr., the company grew for over three decades into an organization with site work, general construction, pre-engineered metal building, and public environmental capabilities. From 1956-

1993, Conewago Contractors, Inc. enjoyed a reputation as a well run family company that offered construction services at an affordable cost while maintaining solid quality.

In 1993, under the leadership of Donald B. Smith, Jr., a series of investments transformed the company into the multiple division, 300 plus professional employee group, that it is today. Over the next decade, the development and investment in ready mix concrete operations, a 25,000 sq. ft. AISC certified steel fabrication facility, and an impressive 131,000 sq. ft. precast concrete plant built the foundation for our impressive growth.

Our culture is dedicated to “A Commitment to Excellence” in all client projects. The company continues to serve both small local customers with projects under $10,000 to routinely undertaking the design and construction of $5 to $50 million hotels, corporate headquarters, regional operations centers, and medical facilities. The highest levels of client satisfaction are achieved because of the company’s ability to self-perform, which enables Conewago to control and maintain costs, provide desired quality, and meet aggresive schedules from inception to conclusion because 60%+ of a project can be self performed by a Conewago division.

Conewago’s investments and abilities were well positioned to take full advantage of the dynamic construction market of 2000-2008. The company developed a reputation and ability to take on demanding Design-Build and Modified Design-Build projects such as the $45 million Wyndham/Courtyard Hotel and Conference Center in Gettysburg, impressive medical centers in Maryland and Pennsylvania, corporate headquarters, and regional banking operations centers.

Conewago remains well positioned for growth due to its strong hands-on leadership, the fact that 90% of our loyal professional team remains intact, our financial strength, and our Commitment to Excellence in all facets of its business.

A Commitment to Excellence