Concrete Services

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Our in-house team of concrete professionals takes pride in tackling all manner of projects, large and small, indoors or outdoors, new construction or repairs / upgrades.

Floor Grinding and Polishing

  • We offer a wide variety of floor grinding and polishing services for newly constructed floors or to revitalize existing floors
  • Polished floors can range anywhere from highly architectural to a plain, standard finish

Demolition and Core Drilling Work 

  •  We have an array of professional concrete cutting equipment such as Husqvarna, Dimas, Core Cut, etc. to perform these jobs
  • Floor sawing slabs, wall sawing openings into walls, and core drilling holes are some of these tasks

Concrete Repair Work

  • From concrete spalls to floor cracks, we use the latest materials to make quality, long-lasting repairs

Floor Cleaning and Sealing

We also offer services to clean new or existing floors and apply a concrete densifier. This densifier is the same sealer used on a polished floor. The material creates a harder surface increasing wear-resistance and stain resistance. It also eliminates the dusting problem that comes from unsealed concrete. Sealers leave a nice glossy satin finish.

Floor Joint Caulking

  • Heavy duty caulking materials save the edges of control joints from spalling when run over from traffic
  • Traffic, such as forklifts and hand trucks, will pass over joints without the hard jolt from hitting the join
  • Keeps dirt and bacteria from being trapped in the joints