Tilt-Up Concrete

Conewago Enterprises has answered client’s goals with over 15 million square feet of Tilt-up construction

Conewago Tilt Wall

Cost Containment

There is less risk than other construction methods because the project variables are controlled throughout all the phases. The structure itself is more open and eliminates redundancy of systems. This controlled environment saves you, as the owner, because less costs are needed for labor and materials.


Fire resistance ratings of up to four hours. Wall systems are not susceptible to hail storms, rot, or rodent damage; with the added benefits of absorption and a open and comfortable work environment.


Increased thermal mass of concrete construction achieves operational savings in heating and cooling, with less daily and preventative maintenance needed, as well as the “built to last a century” nature of concrete construction.

Certified by the Tilt-Up Concrete Association

Servicing a diverse range of clients and their building sizes

Projects have ranged from 80,000 sq ft medical facilities at Hillside (Phase I), to over 1.7 million sq ft distribution facility. Our Tilt-Up concrete construction provides advantages to the client, such as…

Fast Track Delivery

Our experience with Tilt-up allows us to predict that you will finish your project 60 to 180 days ahead of the schedule of alternative building methods. Our tilt-up panel production techniques produce modular panels at a pace that could never be achieved by other building methods. Early owner occupancy can also be is achieved, as project phases overlap for consolidation.

Creativity and Efficiency

Once you have settled on an exterior design and footprint, a wide array of design aesthetics can be achieved with color, reveals, decorative accents, and textures.

Weather Delays

With quicker construction progress on site, our craftsmen and trades can progress faster and in a more protected environment with less delay.