Thank You Conewago Enterprises
“Your generosity and concern for our family is unbelievable and it has been the saving hand that got us thru these difficult years. We had been told by a member of the Conewago team about some of the wonderful philanthropic projects your company has participated in. Until you are faced with cancer it is hard to imagine how things change in an instant. We are so grateful to you for helping us. Our granddaughter’s Mom has spent many, many days and nights at Johns Hopkins Hospital with her. We used much of the money for parking, food, pj’s, and games for her. God Bless you for caring”    Abbey

Conewago Enterprises Charitable Foundation (CECF)

In October of 2006, Conewago Enterprises took the important step of establishing a Charitable Fund Committee (CFC) comprised of our interested and dedicated employees. To this point, the Officers of Conewago had managed the organization’s charitable activities.

From 2006 to 2016, hundreds of deserving charities, charitable events, senior citizens, families in need, and children impacted with misfortune have been helped by our employees. From local hospitals and nonprofits to a deserving neighbor in need, the CFC maximizes our efforts with a focus on community.

The mission of the CFC is to provide financial assistance within the communities where our employees reside. To this end, we established the Conewago Enterprises Charitable Foundation (CECF) to accomplish our goals.

CECF Annual College Scholarship Awards

In 2007, we dedicated ourselves to positively impacting the life of a deserving student who showed great academic promise, superior character, and a demonstrated financial need to enable them to pursue their college career.

An award recipient must complete an application, submit all requested documents including financial aid forms, and be interviewed by the CECF Committee. Currently, our scholarship provides $5,000.00 a year in aid for four years as long as the student maintains a B average. In 2017 we will have reached $780,000.00 in awarded scholarship commitments (for 2007-2023). To request an application for consideration please call our front desk and ask for the Committee Chairman Adam Hicks or Download the application from the following link:

2020-Scholarship Packet

Scholarship winners to date:

2007 William “Drew” Irvin – West Virginia University (New Oxford High School)
2008 Megan Staub – Millersville University (Delone Catholic High School)
2009 Katelyn Witman – Penn State University (Spring Grove High School)
2010 Eric Rife – Shippensburg University (New Oxford High School)
2010 Corbin Wood – Penn College of Technology (Littlestown High School)
2011 Jennifer Bricker – Central Penn College (Fairfield High School)
2011 Matthew Wolf – Penn State University (Bermudian High School)
2011 Taylor Shenberger – Slippery Rock University (Dover Area High School)
2012 Sarah Spaulding – Bloomsburg University (Dover Area High School)
2012 Meagan Dettinburn – University of Marywood (Delone Catholic High School)
2013 Kathryn Derreth – Elizabethtown College (South Western High School)
2013 Michelle Bradley – Shippensburg University (Dover Area High School)
2014 Connor Smith – Penn State University (Gettysburg High School)
2014 Dylan Sharrah – Penn State University (Biglerville High School)
2014 Sabrina Ankney – York College (Spring Grove High School)
2015 Alexander Barlow – Penn College of Technology (South Western High School)
2015 Crystal Castillo – Mount Saint Mary’s University (Biglerville High School)
2015 Jensen Sneeringer – Penn State University (New Oxford High School)
2015 Morgan Dean – High Point University (Hanover High School)
2016 Brooke Eller – Mount Saint Mary’s (Biglerville High School)
2016 Nancy Diaz Fajardo – Lebanon Valley College (Hanover High School)
2016 Samantha Brown – Shippensburg University (Fairfield High School)
2016 Justin Klunk – Thaddeus Stevens College (New Oxford High School)
2016 Kyle Krout – Juniata College (Hanover High School)
2017 Alexander Pratt – Penn State University (Gettysburg Area High School)
2017 Breanna Rorrer – Mount Saint Mary’s University (New Oxford High School)
2017 Daniel Mack – Wilkes University (New Oxford High School)
2017 Maria Drawbaugh – Temple University (Hanover High School)
2017 Trevor Grim – Penn State University (Bermudian Springs High School)
2018 Chloe Kindig – Delone Catholic H.S. – Penn State University
2018 Cy Overmiller – Dover H.S. – York College
2018 Joseph Pecaitis – Gettysburg Area H.S. – Penn State University
2018 Kelsey Myers – Delone Catholic H.S. – St Vincent College
2018 Lauren Smith – New Oxford H.S. – Marywood University
2019 Kayla Pyles – Bermudian Springs High School – Clemson University
2019 Nathanael McCullum – Bermudian Springs High School – Penn State University
2019 Brady Alexander – Delone Catholic High School – Virginia Tech.
2019 Jason Penton – Littlestown High School – Pennsylvania College of Technology
2019 Krysten Moore – Spring Grove High School – Penn State University




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