Charity & Community

Giving back to the community has always been a virtue that was embedded into Conewago.


Donald B. Smith Sr., founder of Conewago, explains it best in an interview, “It wasn’t he who built his first business, Donald B. Smith Roofing, Inc., or later his larger venture, Conewago Contractors. Rather it was the community that made it all a success, and that’s why it’s important to always give back.”

In each of the past several years, Conewago has given a total of $1 million annually to charity and non-profit organizations


Conewago Enterprises Charitable Foundation (CECF)

In October of 2006, Conewago Enterprises took the important step of establishing a Charitable Foundation Committee (CECF) comprised of 12 dedicated employees. The mission of the CECF is to provide financial assistance within the communities where our employees reside.

As a committee, we are extremely proud that in 2020, through our Company’s success and amazing clients, who support our efforts to give back to the community, has allowed us the ability to donate $245,000 to local charity and families in need; as well as, maintain a donating budget of over $100,000 every year consecutively since 2017.

The committee works to distribute these funds every year, from 2006 to 2020, hundreds of deserving charities, charitable events, senior citizens, families in need, and children impacted with misfortune. From local hospitals and nonprofits to a deserving neighbor in need, the CECF maximizes our efforts with a focus on community.

Some of the organizations who have benefited include: Olivia’s House, The Heather Baker Foundation, Jessica & Friends, Sweet Charities, For the Love of a Veteran, Hope Ministries, and so many more, of which the CECF has given $2,000-$3,000 in donations to their organizations. But the donations do not stop there.

Each committee member is required to find a family in need during the Christmas season. Each committee member donates $500 through the purchase of Christmas gifts for the children and food for a Christmas dinner, which is then delivered to the home by the committee member.

The CECF has donated to various community Mini-Thons for local schools as well, including, Conewago Valley Intermediate School, Dover High School, Gettysburg Area High School, Hanover High School, Littlestown High School, Spring Grove High School, and South Western High School.

Jeans for Charity

Since its creation in early 2018, Conewago has raised more than $17,000 for local charities.

‘Jeans for Charity’ was created by the amazing employees at Conewago Enterprises who wanted to give back even more to the community through the company name with their own funds. This initiative invites all office personnel to donate $5 each Friday for the ability to wear jeans in the office. Each month, one charity is featured and, upon the closing of that month, the donation is then given to the featured charity. Since early 2018, Conewago has donated the ‘Jeans for Charity’ funds to local charities including Great Strides, Olivia’s House, Adam’s Rescue Mission, Angels of Hope, Roots for Boots, Children’s Miracle Network, Knights of Heroes, Our Military Kids, Thrive, For the Love of a Veteran, Heather Baker Foundation, Jessica & Friends, and so many more.