Expert sitework services completed on time and on budget


• In addition to our site department, we also provide an in-house stakeout and surveying service. We use RTK drone technology to accurately track quantities and monitor material moved on our job sites.

From rock blasting and excavation, to grading and paving, Conewago can tackle projects that would have readily broken the back of most, but instead, we deliver the project on time and on budget.

• 95% of sitework is performed by our in-house fleet of experienced professionals. This in-house capability is an important factor in that it gives us the ability to control project costs and schedule.

• Training is very important to Conewago, which is why we have invested in the purchase of the Vortex simulator – a complete simulation software platform in the following pieces of equipment: crawler crane, rough terrain crane, excavator, backhoe, wheel loader, forklift, and dozer. Using high-fidelity and a real time physics engine, the trainee can learn how to operate equipment by simulation of rigid body dynamics, collision detection, contact determination, and dynamic reactions.