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Greater Flexibility

Since the project is never fully turned over to an architect for design, as an Owner, you can remain active and participate with greater knowledge in all decisions.

Increased Accountability

Time is money, and we save our clients on project costs and schedule by overlapping design, permits, site work, and construction. This is achieved by providing the owner with a single source of contact, us. Conewago typically self-delivers over 60% of their projects, and the owner’s risk sets firmly on our shoulders.

Trusted Expert

Conewago Enterprises, Inc. has been helping organizations turn their visions into reality with their design-build services since 1993. Since 2015 to 2020, Conewago Enterprises has constructed over 100 Design-Build structures. So why Design-Build?

Enhanced Communication

Our in-house design team is composed of trusted professionals who listen intently to your goals, develop an accurate scope, and allow you to break ground before the design is even complete. Most important to you, as the Owner, you have immediate and greater access to the project team. Our project team approach will allow design parameters, budgetary goals, construction methodologies, material selections, and schedule formations to all be efficiently developed.

Value-Based Delivery

Studies indicate that there is double the probability that you will come in at or under budget on Design-Build projects when compared to all other delivery methods. The typical design and bid method, pits architects, engineers, and contractors against each other. But in Design-build projects, there is no disconnect when it comes to all project team members committed to dedication and completion of the project to provide the owner with their visions as a reality.


Worldwide Communications Center – Seventh Day Adventists Church

The Worldwide Communications Center at the headquarters of the Seventh Day Adventists Church, in Silver Spring, MD. The project included the need for three studio sets and support spaces, such as offices, open modular work areas, conference rooms, green rooms, and a control room. Working with national construction firms, the project reached the schematic design point with an average estimated cost of $13.9 million. Progress was immediately halted as the budget costs were no longer within the financial reach of the organization. The Seventh Day Adventists reached out to Conewago and within 30 days found itself back on schedule. Conewago value-engineered the facility to be larger than previously planned and delivered a stunning three-story, 25,137 sq ft structure at $5.5 million; allowing a $8.4 million savings to the Church’s ministry.

Modified Design-Build

Are you an owner who has worked with an architect successfully, but recent projects are overdesigned and over budget? Conewago Enterprises is here to help!

Self-deliver over 60% of most projects

If you have embarked on a Design-Build delivery system, but are not sure that the results will meet the goals and want to seek another design option, look to us. At Conewago creating owner value is a cap that we simply never stop wearing. The knowledge we possess and our ability to self-deliver over 60% of most projects is a time proven resource to owners and one that creates immediate value. We specialize in creating owner's visions, while maintaining the budget.


Hillside Medical Phases 1 and 2

Hillside Medical Center in South Central Pennsylvania was originally designed and bid to be built in brick, but the project’s owner sought an alternative design and delivery method. The owners changed the contract to a modified design-build delivery method, and Conewago successfully began our value engineering process. The building structure was modified to load-bearing tilt-up concrete wall systems. The facility was designed with extensive use of glass to highlight entrances and long rectangular efficient windows for offices and treatment areas. The 79,164 sq ft facility in Phase I includes physician offices, a radiology facility, and a wellness center with a physical therapy indoor swimming pool. The success of Hillside Medical Center Phase I led to a Hillside Medical Center Phase II, an 62,056 sq ft design-build facility equipped with new medical office condominiums and top of the line finishes and functionality.


At Conewago we believe that BIM offers real advantages in the design, estimating, project management, construction, and operation of a facility. Our BIM experience has led us to the corporate decision of investment in the Revit Software to utilize the technology with our design and project management teams. BIM improves project visualization for owners during the initial design phase, allows for greater creativity and analysis of materials, spatial relationships, light analysis, and the ability to communicate ideas. BIM also improves speed in cost analysis, budget analysis, production of project cost savings, improvements to coordination, clarity of construction documents, and creates detailed building components and specifications that will assist facility owners in life cycle maintenance and effective operations.

In addition to BIM, our specialty in Design-Build offers us the ability to provide an electronic 3D modeling of the proposed project to the client free of charge. This 3D model provides the customer with a visual for the project with customization to display accurate color shades and shapes. This offers the client an advantage of turning their vision in a virtual reality until post-construction.


Herr & Sacco

Herr & Sacco is an 81,205 SF metal fabrication facility with a new corporate office located inside the facility. This design-build project was one of our very first BIM designed projects. The facility itself was designed to be a pre-engineered metal manufacturing building with load bearing precast concrete and conventional steel offices.