Tips for Winter Building Maintenance

Conewago’s Facilities Division is helping businesses of all sizes protect the buildings they have invested so much in to construct. Conewago helps building and plant managers by providing a full array of maintenance and repair services via a single point of contact. One important set of services comes this time of year as we help get facilities ready for severe cold and precipitation in the coming winter months.
Here are a few key tips for winterizing a commercial building:
Roof inspection and repair – the heat of the summer months and the cold weather that can come on quick in the fall causes expansion and contraction and wear and tear on roofing surfaces, particularly in our region. Making sure all roof surfaces and supports are in tip top shape is perhaps the most important step you can take to winterize your facility. Making minor repairs now can prevent major problems this winter.
Test and service HVAC systems – testing and monitoring initial usage of heating systems in fall is vital to make certain your HVAC systems can handle the stress that lies ahead. Always keep up with recommended routine maintenance.
Check plumbing for insulation and caulking – preemptively inspect plumbing and pipes to be sure there are no leaks and that insulation and proper caulking around seals is in place before cold temperatures arrive.
Shut down irrigation systems and winterize landscaping – winterization goes beyond the building itself. Make sure exterior waterlines to irrigation units are flushed and shut down and cover and protect landscaping from the cold and weight of snow.
Schedule snow removal and avoid ice melt products on concrete – Lining up a qualified snow removal vendor that meets your specific needs is a key step to check off your list this fall. Be sure to agree on scope of work and timing of removal and ask about what ice melt products the vendor uses on concrete surfaces. Many commercial products can severely damage concrete.
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