eNPS Survey Helps Conewago Address Employee PTO Needs

Thank You for your feedback! In the last few years, we have made major changes to our Vacation/PTO policy, but it still comes up often when talking to employees. It was also a concern we heard loud and clear in the employee
satisfaction survey. A common theme in the responses asked for additional time for long-term employees and the flexibility to roll unused days over to the following year. A more detailed memo will be mailed to everyone
individually outlining all the changes, but below is a summary of changes that will be effective 5/1/2022:

  • All employees will be able to earn up to 25 PTO days (previous cap was 20 days) based on years of service
  • All employees will be able to rollover up to a maximum of 5 unused PTO days per year. These rollover days must be used by February 28th the following year per IRS rules. **In rare instances, Management may decide to not allow rollover in a particular division if workload is slow, in which case that will be announced by division and position by October 1st. **
  • All new employees will earn PTO time faster
  • Orientation period will be reduced from 90 days to 45 days when all benefits will begin (health insurance, PTO,
    dental, vision…). This will be effective retroactive on 4/1/22.


A few other items that came up in the survey that we want to clarify:

  • Max 10 days off consecutively or 10 days off in any given month.

        -Employees may request more but management approval is required based on workload. 

  • PTO days must be used before unpaid excused time may be used.

-This rule was put into effect when we made the switch to our PTO system. This was to comply with Federal and
Maryland law requiring paid days for all employees for both planned and unplanned absences (sick/illness). 

        -After PTO time is used, all employees may request more time off that will be approved based on workload. 

  • Partial days worked.

-For both hourly and salary employees, no PTO time is required to be used when working partial days. Hourly
employees may choose to use PTO time in half day increments, but it is not required. 

Again, thank you for your feedback and thank you to all employees for your hard work and dedication. Conewago is thankful to have many long-term employees and we strive to make this a place all employees want to spend their entire career! This new policy benefits all employees, and we are happy to continue to improve our benefits.

Since 2015, we have increased paid time off from a system where employees were capped at 10 paid days to now having employees earn up to 25 paid days!