Conewago Sponsors Widener School of Engineering Project

Conewago is proud to support the next generation of construction leaders.  For the fifth year in a row, Conewago served as sponsor and industrial advisor for a group project for students from the Widener University School of Engineering.

The research project is a culmination of the Widener students’ four years of course work and takes most of the academic year to complete.

The team of students this year reworked a concrete mix that Conewago Ready Mix had designed that had a desirable shrinkage rate, but the fibers required too much finish work. The students designed a similar mix that matched the desired shrinkage and strength and had a good finished appearance because a different fiber was used.

In fall 2019, the team took a trip to Conewago’s North East Gateway project, where Andy Gebhart and Andrew Sauers explained to the students the process of floor slab production and how to finish the slab smoothly.

For the project, Conewago provided all the materials needed to pour five different test mixes and allowed the team to pour them at Conewago Manufacturing’s facilities.

Special thanks to Collin Bender and Jason Blase from Conewago Manufacturing who stayed with the team through the pours to offer guidance and support.

With the project now complete, the final mix design is going to be used to pour the floor slab in the new Conewago Steel Shop expansion.