Conewago’s Core Values Drive Design and Development of 41 Jobsite Handwashing Stations

On all of Conewago’s active job sites, our teams are working safe and complying with all state and federal guidelines related to COVID-19.At our project in Northeast Maryland, our super intendent took it one step further and developed a hand wash station for his team running off potable water so they have a convenient and hygienic way to wash their hands frequently. Others within the company took note of this CREATIVE approach and decided to develop hand wash stations for all 41 of our job sites, using Andy’s station as a prototype.

The week of April 12, our garage team sprung into action ordering components for numerous vendors to obtain all the materials necessary to assemble the stations. They remained COMMITTED to assembling the stations as quickly as possible, while keeping a focus on quality. They even enhanced the new stations by adding foot switches and knee valves, making the stations hands free for an added degree of cleanliness.

The garage team even found a way to make wash stations work on sites that do not yet have running water and created two variations of the design, including a truck mounted and a skid mounted model.

Thanks to the CAN-DO attitude of the garage team, the first 17 wash stations were in use in the field less than one week after they saw the first wash station. The other 24 will be finished and delivered to the field this week.

Special thanks to David Baker, Robert Cook, Ronald Baumgardner, Stephan Watkins, Brian Bollinger, Mike Sieg, Scott Laughman and Andy Gebhart and the numerous other employees for their ingenuity, hard work and dedication to this important task.