Liberty Property Trust

Conewago's LEED GREEN Liberty Property TrustLiberty Property Trust
Hunters Green
Hagerstown, MD

Our valued client Liberty Property Trust entrusted us to solve a number of challenges in a Design-Build setting for their 142 acre Hunters Green, Hagerstown, Maryland project.

The 554,000 sq ft distribution center was Phase I of a total planned for expansion to 1,700,000 sq ft on the siQuad Images of Liberty Property Trust with LEED GREEN Sealte.

Some of the severe site challenges we overcame, with environmentally sensitive solutions were:

  • 1,200,000 million cubic yards of earth and rock moved;
  • 200,000 cubic yards of earth and rock moved per month;
  • 180,000 tons of excavated rock turned into stone base material;
  • 19,507 cubic yards of concrete produced by onsite constructed concrete plant;
  • 11.4 acres of roller compacted concrete provided a solar reflective parking surface and reduced the use of oil.
  • A white roof and environmentally friendly interiors.

From footer to first tenant the project took 5 months. The core and shell was awarded a LEED Silver Certification.