General Construction

Conewago General ConstructionSome clients feel more comfortable with a typical General Contractor project delivery method.  Despite the phenomenal growth of Design-Build, many feel they are required to hire a General Contractor in a competitive bid process.

One of the major concerns of many of these customers is the nagging question and legitimate worry that a winning prime or sConewago General Constructionubprime may have little to no track record or experience with them. The budget, quality, and schedule integrity may be affected and become the significant source of change orders on the project. In reality, the low bidder is no longer low bidder when the project experiences costly change orders. But how do you prevent this from happening?

Our ability to self deliver means that no subcontractor or member of the team can become an obstacle to success, give less than 100%, or attempt to hold the customer hostage. Our knowledge of market conditions and prices filter out subcontractor noise from legitimate subcontractor concerns.

Bottom line, we’ve completed a wide array of General Construction projects in the commercial, industrial, municipal, and nonprofit markets. From Class “A” offices, to schools, churches, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and municipal environmental facilities, we are experienced and committed to excellence.

At the end of the day, you’ll sleep better knowing the experienced and trusted team at Conewago will be managing your project as if we were you — the owner!

Contact: Andy Brough