Conewago EnvironmentalFor over 50 years, Conewago’s environmental projects have helped shape Mid-Atlantic communities for the better! With projects in water treatment plants, waste water treatment plants, pump stations, landfills, and leachate plants, Conewago has proven to be a trusted and effective resource. Conewago’s Conewago Environmentalcommitment to the communities we serve include ongoing maintenance and expansion projects, and our trusted advice on projects both small and large.

Our projects have ranged from the thousands to over $20 million, including water treatment projects up to 22.5 MGD a day. Our projects have been delivered in a general construction, bid basis, as well as by value engineering and design-build projects. They have taken place throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Project capabilities include installing:
Sequencing Batch Reactor
UV Disinfection System
Pre-treatment Facilities
Dry Well Pumping Station
Submersible Pumping Stations
Aeration Tanks
Laboratory and Laboratory Building
Belt Filter Press
Chlorination and Dechlorination Systems
Progressive Cavity Aeration Blowers
Air Piping and Diffusers
Sand Filters
Sludge Storage Tanks
Chemical Feed Systems
Solids Handling Systems
Grit Handling Facilities
Control Buildings
Guard and Security Measures
Landfill Treatment Systems
Sediment Control and Storm Drainage Facilities

Complete client satisfaction remains our focus and goal in an environment in which increased environmental and technological advances must be met.

Contact: Brian Meyer