Concrete Services

Conewago Provides Concrete ServicesConewago Provides Concrete ServicesOur history and our growth are built on our passion for concrete and construction. It is easy to overlook our creativity and problem solving abilities in concrete if you focus only on our completed buildings, retail complexes, and projects. One of the keys to our success is an equal attention to detail and service in the maintenance of your facility in the future.

“Can you please show us the polished concrete floors?”
Our new corporate headquarters serves as a living laboratory for our customers and employees alike. Many potential clients are very interested in our polished concrete products and services. They have learned that they are not only less than half the cost of terrazzo, but the cost savings in maintenance and durability is unmatched.

During tours of our headquarters, we are often so busy pointing out the architectural finishes of our concrete walls throughout and the sustainable materials and finishes we used that clients interrupt us and ask “Can you please show us the polished concrete floors?” With a smile we reply “Oh, sorry, you’ve been walking on them since the moment you entered the building”. Our guests simply are amazed at the beauty, durability, and carefree maintanence of this custom concrete product and service.

Conewago can produce custom mix designs, different colored aggregates, mixes, and even pattern and color combinations for you. You simply won’t believe your eyes at our environmentally friendly, sustainable, durable, cost effective, and beautiful alternative.

“We did not know that you did this!”
Conewago has a dedicated team of concrete craftsmen fully trained in the tasks of:


Satisfied customers have been unaware that we can handle all of their manufacturing expansion, plant floor and production equipment changes, and have commented “We did not know that you did this!” Please call us on your next challenge or need involving concrete. To our concrete team, no client concern is too small or large to tackle.

Contact: Jon Neiderer