Roller Compacted & Porous Paved Concrete

Porous Pavement Concrete

At Conewago, we use porous pavement as our commitment to sustainability

Porous pavement returns rainwater and melting snow back to the earth, which allows its first benefit to be efficient and quick flow of water to the subsurface. Porous pavement eliminates run-off, exceeds flow rates of a 100-year storm event, and meets or exceeds the most stringent municipal requirements. A lab study conducted by the Penn State Lab indicates that our flow rates are in excess of 1 GPM/SF, thus calculating that over 12 meters of rainfall in an hour can flow directly to the subsurface.
Our expertise in porous pavement has allowed us to perfect the installation process by using a compaction power paver. It is ideal for light duty and heavy-duty truck paving, and it has been shown to be stronger than asphalt.

Porous Pavement reduces cost and more

In addition to the environmental benefits, porous pavement greatly reduces the need for costly stormwater management systems. Valuable land no longer has to be tied up in retention ponds and catch basins, which allows more usable area for availability to your building footprint, parking, or attractive landscaping.

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Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe – Chambersburg, PA

Special Porous concrete paved parking lot for heavy truck parking

▪ Porous Pave – pervious concrete
▪ Area: 20,650 sy
▪ Volume: 5,735 cy
▪ Thickness of porous pave: 10”
▪ Base material: #3 and #57 stone used for storm water volume and quality
▪ Primary use: Route truck parking

Roller Compacted Concrete "Non-Porous"

RCC Norfolk Southern

Cost-Effective and Heavy Duty

Roller Compacted Concrete is the obvious and recommendation choice made by us for our facility owners that need strength for heavy duty use, but desire cost-effective, environmentally-friendly solutions as well. Non-Porous Roller Compacted Concrete or RCC is a specially formulated concrete that achieves a number of environmental benefits over traditional asphalt road paving.

Less Waste

RCC consumes less oil in its production and construction processes.

Highly Durable and Long-Lasting

RCC is stronger than traditional asphalt road paving, which allows for a higher durability rating and a longer lifespan.

Reflects Natural Light to Reduce Heat

RCC’s natural ability to reflect light during the summer months, dramatically reduces the heat island effect on nearby structures.


Norfolk Southern Intermodal

RCC – Roller Compacted Concrete
• Area: 91,000 SY
• Tonnage: 66,000 Tons
• Thickness of RCC: 9”single lift and 16”dual lift
• RCC placed with 2 each High density pavers
• Primary use: RCC driveways and loading area for heavy truck traffic