Site Work

Conewago Site WorkYour project can be made or broken in the initial phases of sitework. If you aren’t on schedule early, you generally never catch up. A budget adversely affected by unexpected rock can ruin a project or at a minimum require cuts in the finish phase. At Conewago, we have tackled projects that would have readily broken the back of most projects; and instead we’ve delivered on time and on budget.

Our valued client Liberty Conewago Site WorkProperty Trust relied on us to solve a number of challenges in a Design-Build setting on their 142 acre Hunter’s Green, Hagerstown, Maryland project. The site was graded and utilities installed for the entire 1,700,000 sq. ft. distribution center as part of Phase I.

Some of the severe site challenges we overcame, with environmentally sensitive solutions were:

1,200,000 cubic yards of earth and rock moved to balance site;

200,000 cubic yards moved monthly to maintain schedule;

180,000 tons of excavated rock crushed onsite with much reused as stone base material;

Over 30,000 cubic yards of concrete produced onsite with Conewago’s portable concrete plant; and

11.4 acres of roller compacted concrete paving reduced heat island effect, oil consumption and costs.

Ninety Five percent of sitework is performed by our in-house fleet and experienced professionals.

This in-house capability is an important factor in our ability to control cost and schedule on your project.

Another example of solving the most difficult site problems is the 812,240 sq. ft. Reckitt Benckiser distribution facility in Mechanicsburg, PA. Our crews excavated 250,000 cubic yards of which more than 65% was solid limestone! The sitework was completed in just 12 weeks in order that the building construction could begin ahead of schedule.

Conewago Sitework, our team delivers time and time again!

Contact: Doug Lillich