Precast Concrete

Conewago Precast Concrete PCI CertifiedConewago Precast has grown to a 131,000 sq ft manufacturing facility producing hollow core, insulated sandwich panels, and architectural precast panels. You’ll find Conewago Precast modular construction systems used in churches, distribution centers, environmental projects, gymnasiums, hospitals, hotels, medical centers, office complexes, retail shopping centers and stores, theatres, and warehouses.

Clients such as Wegman Food Markets specify our precast and many construction firms throughout the East Coast use our products in many of their projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Conewago Precast is the energy efficient and sustainable choice! Insulated sandwich panels combined with hollow core plank create an energy efficient structure with thermal mass and dynamic R values that exceed the new stringent IEEC Codes. Our precast moderates indoor temperature fluctuations and there are fewer spikes between indoor and outdoor temperatures. Less energy used translates into operational savings in both heating and cooling periods alike. Studies indicate that heating loads can be reduced by up to 70%, and cooling up to 4% annually.

When Conewago Precast is specified on your project, you can be assured that you are receiving a quality monitored and tested product. In fact, each and every panel we produce has corresponding quality and production information and records. The history of concrete’s durability dates back to the Roman construction of the aqueducts and coliseum. Its durability and use of recycled materials makes concrete a logical choice when sustainability and quality are client goals.

Conewago Precast supports our clients who benefit from our ability to provide an aggressive and rapid construction schedule. Eliminating 2 to 6 months from a construction schedule not only creates a substantial contribution to any project’s financial bottom line but also serves to eliminate pesky weather delays.

The choice of a concrete building system and construction creates over 19 points towards LEED designation.

If your project can benefit from the efficiency of 14 foot wide and 60 foot long panels, R values in excess of 35, fire protection up to 4 hours, lower insurance costs, better security, and the ability to easily expand, Conewago Precast is the logical and cost effective answer.

We are capable of producing over 40,000 sq ft of concrete precast panel and plank a week including custom finishes, colors, and unique material combinations with brick veneers. Learn first-hand by touring our plant and learning how our concrete craftsmen and building experts will help you exceed your goals for your next building.

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