Conewago Enterprises Design-BuildIn the early seventies, trusted customers turned to Conewago and asked “Why can’t you handle our entire project from beginning to end?” In meeting our customers’ needs we answered this important question and our Design-Build group was forged.

Then as now, client projects demand Speed to the market, Design efficiency from meeting one, Budget integrity, and Strict adherence to schedule. Conewago Enterprises Design-BuildClients have always counted on Conewago to deliver on these goals in a Design-Build delivery method.

Why Design-Build?

Enhanced Communication
Our in-house design team is composed of trusted professionals who listen intently to your goals, develop an accurate scope, and allow you to break ground before the design is even complete.

Design parameters, budgetary goals, construction methodologies, material selections, and schedule formations are all efficiently developed in a project team approach. Most important to you, the Owner, you have immediate and greater access to the project team.

Increased Accountability
Time is money and by overlapping design, permits, site work, and construction, our clients enjoy the benefit of cost savings as months are taken off the construction schedule.

The owner has a single source of contact, the project is not parceled out as in a typical bidding scenario, there is no finger pointing among professionals on the project. As Conewago typically self delivers over 60% of a project, the owner’s risk sets firmly on our shoulders.

Greater Flexibility
As an owner, you are more involved in a Design-Build project and have greater control over design decisions. The project is not turned over to an architect to design. Owners remain active and participate with greater knowledge in all decisions.

Value-Based Delivery
Studies indicate that there is double the probability that you will come in at or under budget on Design-Build projects when compared to all other delivery methods. The typical design and bid method pits architects, engineers, and contractors against each other. Next are the battles over imprecise specifications, unbuildable plans, and low budget subcontractors. We’ve heard about them, many owners have lived them. There is no disconnect when all project team members are dedicated to and contracted to provide the owner a fully functional facility with no excuses.

A perfect example of our success in Design-Build is the new Worldwide Communications Center at the headquarters of the Seventh Day Adventists Church on their 26 acre campus in Silver Spring, MD. It was important for this religious organization to invest in a studio that could bring their important message to locations throughout the world. The project included the need for three studio sets and support spaces such as offices, open modular work areas, conference rooms, green rooms, and a control room.

Working with national construction firms the project reached the schematic design point with an average estimated cost of $13.9 million. Progress was immediately halted as the budget costs were no longer within the financial reach of the organization.

The Seventh Day Adventists reached out to Conewago and within 30 days found itself back on schedule. Conewago value engineered the facility to be actually larger than earlier planned, delivered a stunning three story 25,137 sq ft structure at $5.5 million, an $8.4 million savings to the Church’s ministry. The facility was actually larger than the previous designs incorporating much needed storage space in a new lower level.

Chip Welsh, Facilities Manager, commented that “We ask ourselves, how can Conewago do what others say can’t be done? Integrity and honesty from the first line that Don Smith, Jr. , Conewago’s President, drew during our initial design meeting.  Conewago has an incredibly strong commitment to quality, an ability to communicate, effective cost controls, and a fierce desire from the entire team to nail the details”. Chip concluded “Our punch list was virtually nonexistent.

Contact: Andy Brough