Conewago Building Information Modeling (BIM)Conewago Building Information Modeling (BIM)Conewago is aggressively embracing Building Information Modeling (BIM). We believe that BIM offers real advantages in the design, estimating, project management, construction, and operation of a facility. We have BIM project experience and have made a corporate decision to invest in Revit Software and utilize the technology with our design and project management teams.

First, is there a uniform understanding of BIM? In fact, BIM has several different meanings to owners, architects, MEP professionals, builders and even academia. To some it is a process; the process of generating and managing building data during its life cycle. To others, it is a 2D, 3D, and even 5D modeling software that increases productivity in building design and construction. Many believe that BIM’s real advantage is improved visualization of the overall project in the early design stages, as well as the ability to analyze several different material and spatial “what ifs?” during the design process with improved speed in cost analysis. Others feel it is in the command of details down to product specifications that display its full capabilities.

Our belief is that the adoption of BIM will:

Improve project visualization for owners during the initial design phase;

Allow for greater creativity and analysis of materials, spatial relationships, light analysis, and our ability to communicate ideas;

Improve speed in costing, budget analysis, and produce project cost savings;

Improve coordination and clarity of construction documents; and

Create detailed building components and specifications that will assist facility owners in life cycle maintenance and effective operations.

Conewago is committed to ongoing investment in BIM technology and training for the long term. We are dedicated to fully utilizing the technology and its potential to bring its advantages to the design and construction of our owner’s projects.

Contact: Ray Menges